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Awards Night 2009
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Here are some photos from Stefan’s hair award party night “2009”.
The model wearing this Skirt, is Brooke and the creator of the Skirt is Raychele.
This Skirt has over three hundred small coloured glass bottles all different sizes.
These bottles are made only for Stefan, they contain hair rinse and tonics.
Raychele came up with the Idea of making this Skirt, so she then started collecting these bottles. Raychele had collected a total of 600 bottles.
Raychele then meet up with Darren, Stefan’s “maintenance guru” Help she said ! Darren said there is only one product that will cut through these bottles.
Darren then contacted me, so we put this to test. Well let's just say it blew’ Darren away when I showed him how to use our products.  
They then put C-Cut Tools product to the test. Well believe this! They then started cutting holes in these small bottles, they used only 10 drill bits to achieve over 400 Cuts.
Yes’ they cut through 400 bottles and that was through the base of the bottles which is the thickest part approx 3mm thick.
To top it off’ this young Lady Raychele drilled over 200 bottles herself.
Good news for Raychele, with coming up with this theme for the night.
Raychele won a trip for herself and partner to HK for two weeks C/o Stefan.
Now’ that’s what I call being passionate about your Job, It’s nice to be number “one”
Well Done’ Raychele we need more young ladies like yourself keep working on your dreams. Hope you enjoy your trip and stay safe.
Also Big thanks to Darren and thanks again for using C-Cut Tools products.







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